A change in me

There’s been a huge change in me since I began writing this blog.  Well, many many changes.  But I’d have to say one of the most significant changes in the last year.

Some things I think I’ve specifically learned in the last year, and am still learning are:

If you want to make God laugh, make a plan for your life!

Lower Mesa Falls, Feb 2016. Just weeks after I found out “the nursing program and my credits don’t line up, so even though my grades would make it in, my application will not be eligible.” It was a very difficult month or two.

-That being said, it seems to me that He does have a plan for us, and we may not like it.  But it always turns out for the best, giving us friends and opportunities we never would’ve imagined.

IMG_0321.JPGSeth (then boyfriend – I learned so much from this relationship), me, Caleb, Bri and Jon at the show “Aida” when Caleb starred as Radames at Olympus High. 



I made the decision to take off in the middle of Spring semester (when I was taking two classes preparatory to applying to the BYUI PTA program), to head over to the Teton Valley and volunteer as a mentor of 5 beautiful teenage girls for 2 weeks.
IMG_1676IMG_1631.JPG  Quickwater Ranch was a place I loved dearly, and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity.  I met fabulous friends and examples of all ages. (Left, Elizabeth, and Right, Sue- the mastermind behind it all).
 My decision to go meant doing not as well as I’d hoped in one of my most important classes, jeopardizing the chance I had to get into the PTA program I’d been trying to get into.
However, the decision to go to Quickwater also gave me the opportunity to meet and closely work with Tresa (and awesome husband, Steve), the sweetest angel of a camp director I’ve ever seen.  She was battling cancer and passed away 6 months after our sweet two weeks together. I know I was supposed to have those two weeks with her.  I consider her an angel in my life up to this day.

I’ve learned that the same things make me consistently happy in life:


IMG_4418.JPGRexburg Tabernacle, Dec 2016



Brighton UT with brother Jon skiing for the day, Christmas Break 2016
Yellowstone with friends, Oct 2016
Weekend Yoga Retreat with Kara Jenkins, Feb 2017.  As I spent time at Badger Creek this weekend, I felt a strong sense of “You’re going to be spending more time here”.  But I didn’t know how, because despite the job offer I had just received to work at AFY at Badger that summer, I had turned it down to go to Jerusalem. Days before I went to the Yoga retreat I’d decided I wouldn’t go to Jerusalem and I longed to spend the summer there in the shadows of the Tetons.  Little did I know that I would receive a phone call a couple weeks later, saying someone dropped out, and I am now going to work at Badger for the summer.  Miracles happen, and those Tetons will forever be my friends.
Alki Beach, Seattle
Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, WashingtonIMG_0358
PooPoo point, Washington state

Photography – a rediscovered love as I borrowed my family’s Canon Rebel when I went to Seattle.IMG_0059


Love is real and true.  It is out there to be found.IMG_5263

My very best friend in the world, Amy, and I have had countless conversations complaining about dating and marriage, and she particularly had expressed some negative ideas towards the thought of ever finding the right guy.  Well luckily, Jason has proved us wrong. 

I have learned how important and difficult it is to Let Go in life and let Him lead and guide me.



-When I am judging someone in any way, shape or form I must remember and be aware of how faulty I am.  I have become slower to judge.

-You never know what someone is going through.  It does not cost anything to be kind to everyone.




A change in me


Decisions are seriously the worst.  I have the constant, daily decisions like whether to focus in trigonometry and precalc, or not.  Then I have big, life-altering decisions, such as staying close to home or in Idaho for the summer so I can become a Physical Therapist Assistant. Or take up the offer to go to Jerusalem this summer on the best study abroad ever that I’ve been wanting to go on for years now, and forfeit all I’ve worked for to get into the PTA program.  But on the bright side, that may open up doors for me to become a registered nurse if I go through certain programs.

I just hate these stinkin’ decisions.  Especially the hard, life-altering ones!



The important Event in my life

“There are two important days in a woman’s life: the day she is born and the day she finds out why.”

― Terry Tempest WilliamsWhen Women Were Birds: Fifty-four Variations on Voice

I decided I want to go into Nursing. I am just taking A & P and lab for that right now, but I feel so directed. It’s hard, but I feel motivated to reach my new goal! I KNOW WHY I’m doing what I am doing now!! I love this feeling of guidance!

IMG_8216 IMG_8222 IMG_8232

This donut pic was after I got 103% on my lab exam.  Best day ever 🙂IMG_8395

The important Event in my life

School is still out..

So here are some more fun things that have happened! 

Obvi, my best friend/future roommate and I have hung out quite a bit. We laugh so much together and have found some fun things to do! 

Last Saturday we got to witness the baptism of our sweet Peruvian friend Ximena. She was so overjoyed and happy and there was such a sweet spirit in the room!  It made me miss Spanish and my mission so dang much , but I was just grateful I got to be there!  Felicidades Ximena!  

 Caleb and I went to some farewells of Nauvoo friends and had the chance to hang out with the Wadleys! Love them. We all be like sibs. 
Abe’s friends/siblings of friends are the reason I have friends at YSA activities.  Thanks Abe!  
One of my fave adventures of this whole break. Amy took me up to Twin lakes just past silver lake in Brighton. We stepped out of the car and saw a mama moose first thing!  
  It was so beautiful!

  No filter….. JK JK JK 

  Part of your worlllldd!

  Candid laughing- I promise this really is how we feel when we’re together though 

   Happiness is friendship.  Friendship is happiness.

   Don’t get too jealous of my sunhat.

  A delicious, over-priced dinner with the family in Provo at a cute little cafe. I ate Hog Jowl tacos!! Talk about different!  But they were very good.

My mom is the greatest support and influence in my life. Not only mine but others too. She is working hard on the cultural celebration in DF for the rededication of the Mexico City temple.  I got to go spend some time with her and have lunch at city creek before she goes to Mexico for 10 days and I’ll move up to Rexburg. Te amo mama.

Ok so Amy one day had a great idea. To go to Scheels. We’d both heard about it and that it had a Ferris wheel but not much else! So off we went.  

 We (especially the one on the left) loved the Ferris wheel! The two 21 year old girls were the only ones on it in the whole store but that was fine with us! 

Got a bear hug from a grizzly! (Thanks! 🐻)

Ame caught a shark

Then we went down the road to Ikea, the best store in the world:

Beautiful selfie by Amy 


 The necessary buys at ikea: random plastic things, Swedish chips and LINGONBERRY soda!!! Yum
 That night my friend from Byui Jared called and asked if we wanted to hike Mt Timp the next day. Amy was not down but I decide d to do it!  So we decided to go up the Provo side, which is slightly harder than the trail that starts in American fork- about a mile longer (10.5 miles), steeper, and unclear trails. It was me, my friend Jared and his friend Chase. The trailhead was just past Aspen Grove and sundance. The first 4 miles were straight up. Saw a pretty view though, in the morning light.

 Me and Jared.


  We got to a lake-pretty but very low.  ( there is a filter on this but it was amazingly blue in real life due to glaciers!)

And continued on, until we got to Rock City- desolate bouldering for about a mile! Saw a cute kangaroo eat in the middle of it though! 


(Ugh my ankles hurt just looking at it)

 Finally after a scramble we got to the saddle. I thought for a sec we were done! But we had probably 3 miles of straight up. So we headed out follwing a trail, but missed the turn to go straight up. So we found ourselves on these cliffs.  We were hugging the side of the mountain with about a one foot space the there was another cliff below us the straight pebbles all the 2 miles down to Provo.  I was terrified. 

 But finally we turned around and found the path towards the tippy top. With all that energy exerted though(physically and emotionally), I was not prepared for a strong finish, I was dying those incredibly steep last 2 miles! But we DID IT!!


And are sandwiches at the top.i did not look good by the end but I was somewhat happy!

   Then we hiked the 11 miles down. On the way, we saw a herd of about 30 mountain sheep!! It was SO COOL! They stay on that side because there are significantly fewer hikers.  


The Provo side took us about 9 hours, including breaks.


23 miles later, we were proud of our accomplishment!

School is still out..

AUGUST fun in Utah

  •  August!! When the temple ground are buzzing with busy brides, bed bath and beyond is busting its doors open, reception venues are decked out in bouquets, and best friends come together to bust a move.

My cousin Chris got married to a beautiful bride, and I got to be there for the sealing and luncheon. It was a beautiful day, and they were so so excited. I love them and I loved hanging out with two of my fave cousins, Christian and Claire!

My beautiful long time friend Shelvy got married as well!! Such a special girl and she is very happy. Sure love her!!

Proof of our friendship.  This photo is circa 2009.2009

( The names on the pic are our middle names.  Its me, lydia, shelby and Jess 🙂
Also got to attend the wedding of a family friend Malia, and got to see the sweet Wadley girls there!  Friends for life! And look at the little  Rachel, so adorbs!

I like weddings because of the excitement in the air, the friends old and new that are found and of course the free food. Its also the 7 weeks where BYUI students have freedom! yay

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2

Lagoon with my mains.  We rode the Cannibal, and almost every other ride in the park no joke!


More Wedding Attendees.

The Wildflowers at Snowbird are straight up AMAZING in August! As I found out with my brother Abe.

AUGUST fun in Utah